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My parents list and friends list are screwed up!

This is made up of two questions, ok?
1. (there's no real Question) A:If your tama has parents and you suddenly get to 50 friends, something bad will happen.

Parents: Bye bye parents. Your parents list is now messed up, it'll say you have none, and sometimes your next parents will only be there for a very short time, and sometimes not even appearing at all. So to get your item/souvenir, as soon as your adult leaves, get that password!
Friends: Glitched up. After 50, suprisingly, you'll have... more than 50! Your parents will show up in your list, all as the same gender (usually boy) even if they were the opposite gender and the same picture of a tama (which none of them actually were, mind you). It'll have your current tama afterwards as the same gender as it normally is, but the image will be a completely different tama. For example, on my list, my parents were boy Teletchis, and my current tama showed as Obotchi. On my firend's one, his parents showed up as boy Tarakotchis, and his current tama showed up as a Hikotchi.

2. Q: In my friend list, I have a copy of another of my friend with some of the letters wrong. Wha?
A: This is common. I dont know why it happens, probably from a connection error.
It's nothing bad, just a waste of friend list space.
Once I connected with a tama named "FL??R" and once I had another added friend that was the same as FL??R but it was called "FL(looks like an angry face, possibly a japanese symbol?)(another one of those)R"
another time, my v2 connected with my v3 which is "BENNY" on my v2's friendlist once, it showed a friend named "BEN(black square)(something that looks like an I and a Z squashed together, like in the Pokemon games, the Pk and Mn things)"

Something to learn about Q/A 1:
The parents list in v3 is VERY faulty. It causes glitches to itself and spreads it to the poor friends list.

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