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What is a Tamagotchi?

A Tamagotchi is a virtual pet, who you have to love and look after.  Your Tamagotchi will have many needs, such as needs for cleaning, feeding and playing with.  You do all this with three buttons on the shell of the Tamagotchi.  The Tamagotchi is a small plastic egg shaped shell, with a screen displaying your little friend.

With a Tamagotchi, you can connect with other peoples Tamagotchis, and play games, give gifts and even have children.  With the release of the EnTama and V3, you can also link to the internet and play even more games, and have even more fun!

Tamagotchi also is easy enough to play with, and is not too demanding.  You can pause it when you want to, and turn the sound off if needed.

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