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Tamagotchi Beginners Guide, to start you off with!

When you get your Tamagotchi, remember to do the following things:

  • Read the instruction manual.
  • Pull out the white tab out of your Tamagotchi.
  • Before the Tamagotchi is born, set the date and time, and tell it your birthday. The Tamagotchi will actually celebrate your birthday when it arrives!
  • When the Tamagotchi is born, it will show you the gender -- black for boys, and white for girls.

Starting Out:

When you first pull out the tab in your Tamagotchi an egg will appear. After you set the clock it will take 5 minutes and the egg will hatch. For the first hour of your little creatures life, he will need almost constant attention, so be prepared to have an hour spent with your little pet. When a baby is first born it needs constant love and attention, as a short while the young one will not need so much so fast. If you check the health meter you will determine what the young Babitchi needs. When he is just born, everything will be empty. Your job is to feed the little one meals until he is full, and play a game with him until he is happy, and clean up his mess after he goes poop. For that first hour the hungry and happy hearts will empty rather fast. After a good 20 to 30 mins he will take a nap. After a short 5-minute nap he will wake up. After another 30 mins or more, he will finally cease his demand need for food and play when he changes into his child.

Making Friends:

The advanced Tamagotchi Connection features new infrared communication functions allowing the virtual pet to become friends with other Tamagotchi and store a "friend list" of up to 50 friends. The more friends you have, the more fun! Once adults, the Tamagotchi can connect with a compatible Tamagotchi friend and have a second-generation Tamagotchi that the owner can care for and nurture into an adult to create a possible third and fourth generation.

Meeting the Matchmaker:

If your Tamagotchi connection has not found a compatible mate by the time it reaches 7-10 years old (7-10 days in real time) then Mrs. Busybody will come along and suggest a mate. Reject her suggested mate too many times and your Tamagotchi will become a lonely old singleton. Be careful, you never know how many times she'll return!

Earning "Training" Bars:

The way you train your Tamagotchi will affect how it will grow up and how disciplined it will be (determined by the amount of training bars). To earn training bars, you should praise it when it does something good, but give it a "time out" if it refuses to do what you're asking it to do.

Secrets to Happiness:

Feeding your Tamagotchi a snack helps make it happy — but be cautious because too many snacks can cause cavities!

Keeping Fit:

Keep your Tamagotchi healthy by not only feeding it but also exercising it, too. It needs to stay in tiptop shape in order to grow, mature and creature new generations.

First Aid:

Maker sure you give your Tamagotchi medicine at the first signs of illness (represented by a skull hovering above). The sooner you treat your Tamagotchis illness, the better. And don't hesitate to give it a double dosage if necessary.

Return to Tamagotchi Planet:

If a winged Tamagotchi appears on your screen, it means that your Tamagotchi decided to go back to its home planet. But don't despair — simply press the (A) and (C) buttons at the same time and your new egg is ready for hatching!

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