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How do I delete an Item in my inventory?

To get rid of an item, you need to 'trash' it. Just simply go to your "Friend's Booklet" and select the section called: "Present." You will have two choices now: "Food" or "Item." This is where you will need to choose what kind of item you want to be deleted. Once chosen- you will be placed at the item's list. You can scroll through all of the items you own to choose a specific item. Press the "B" button once you are at the item you want to 'trash'. You will be asked if you want to 'wrap' it into a present. Obviously you don't, so press the "A" button this time. Now you will be asked if you are want to 'trash' the item. Confirm your answer by pressing the "B" button and the "B" button again once you are at the "Sure?" with your selection. At that moment your item that was selected will be deleted!

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