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(didn't enter the code so I don't know if my previous ? went through). My daughter's Tamagotchi went through 2 batteries in the first 1/2 hour she got it. She used it after we opened it and then the battery went dead. I figured since we had it for 2 months before opening it they were just old. Then we replaced it and about 15 minutes later it said the battery was dead. My other daughter already had a Tamagotchi for 2 months. We only went through 2 batteries in that time. The battery in hers happened to die the same day and we replaced hers and it only lasted 15 minutes. Maybe the batteries were old? I didn't notice an expiration date but I had just bought them. What brand of batteries are the best to buy? How long should they last? One more thing. Can it be turned off without "hurting" it, of course :) so I don't hear the beeping while she's at school...? I know there's a way to turn the sound off but I don't want it to "die" or something.... Can you turn it off so nothing changes when she is unable to take care of it when she's at school? Thanks, Kim

I dont know whats wrong with your daughter's tamagotchi's batteries... To pause it (without the damaging the tamagotchi), go onto the clock screen (press the middle button if you are on the home screen) and press the left & right button at the same time. It should say ''set time'', then you know it's worked.

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