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Earning Extra points.

We all know that when connecting to other tama's we sometimes get different amounts of points from games. We all get 30pts to begin with- but some people say they got 600!
I have now compiled a chart to show how you get more points.
But you must be connecting to another tama and BOTH of you must have donated a certain amount to the king.

See chart here

In case link doesn't work here's the points levels

0p-499p-------------win 30p/60p
500p-999p----------win 50p/100p
1000p-2999p-------win 100p/200p
3000p-4999p-------win 150p/300p
5000p-9999p-------win 200p/400p
10, 300p/600p

So for all you who thought donating money to the king was a rip off- think again. Once two connecting tama's have donated over 10,000 points, you will play free games for 300/600 points. Bear in mind these games don't make your tama lose weight and only last for a few seconds- you can amass stacks of free points really quickly!

See here:

Thanks to spudilike for providing this info!

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