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What is a P1/P2 Tamagotchi and how were they created?

A P1 or P2 Tamagotchi are the first Tamagotchis ever made.

P1 was the very first. It was created by a woman named Aki Maita. She talked to people and surveyed them about if they wanted a virtual pet that they could carry around everywhere they went. There were a lot of 'yes' answers, and when the very first Tamagotchis were created, people went crazy for them. There were always long line-ups, and people even camped out on the streets for them! When the Tamagotchi production stopped about 3 years later, people were mad and decided to complain to Bandai.

The features of these are:
First icon - feed your Tamagotchi bread or candy
Second icon - turn out your Tamagotchi's lights when it goes to bed
Third icon - play a game with your Tamagotchi, P1 has "Guess which side I'll turn to" and P2 has "Guess which number I will choose"
Fourth icon - give your Tamagotchi medicine when it's sick
Fifth icon - clean up poops that your Tamagotchi makes
Sixth icon - check your Tamagotchi's stats
Seventh icon - give your Tamagotchi discipline when it calls you for no reason
Eighth icon - this one will light up when your Tamagotchi needs attention, not selectable

All clear now? Good.

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