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Morino Tamagotchi

This is a FAQ about the Morino Tamagotchis. If you have any questions, PM Rusted from Tamatalk; the creator of this FAQ.

*Still Trying to find a way to include pictures!*

First of all, before I start, I would like to thank for supplying me with info when I first started it. Thanks Kat!

Here is a link for the Morino Tamagotchi info and instructions:

A growth chart for the Morino:

Seichu-chi ("Adult bug") type one (white) egg


Character Descriptions - Info - Starting from top to bottom - Taken from ''

Koganechi ("Coin-beetle"): S/he has a shiny, iridescent body, which is rumored to be about the size of a 500-yen coin (um... about an inch or more across). Can be found around Mount Akagi and sometimes the flashier areas in town. It's believed to get its nutrients either from money, or something stuck on money. It's rumored to know the burial place of the Treasure of the Great Tokugawa Shogunate.

Tento-chi (Lady Bug): Lives in sunflower meadows. Makes a living by exchanging Safflower oil to the Koganechi. It has charming polka dot stars shining on its back, but they can't be seen, even using the magnifying glass.

Chobi-tamachi ("Little Round bug"): Chiefly lives in the lower branches of trees, and spends its life time going back and forth over thin branches. It uses certain flower pollens as make-up, and gathers various flower extracts to make beautifying lotions with, so it is suspected that it is a make-up maniac.

Minochi (Caddis fly larvae): It's always covered in a cloak of twigs and leaves, and lives on many-branched trees. It is the most fashion-conscious of the Mushichi (Tamagotchi bugs) and changes at least 5 times per day!

Mushibachi (lit. "Insect (infested) tooth", I.E. Cavity): His normal habitat is inside a Tamagotchi's mouth, but out of an increasing sense of racial guilt about the fact that he was a Cavity Bug, he moved out of Tam Mouths and spends his time in the natural world. His mighty spear makes him quite popular among those of the opposite gender. [No comment]

Gejichi ("centipede/millipede/icky thing with many legs, often spiny"): Often seen below trees with spiny or thorny flowers. The spiny hairs covering his body not only protect him, but also allow him to rub against the asphalt while running around, thus cleaning the streets.

Fun-koro-gachi (lit. "roller of dung", Dung beetle). He has a round body and often lives in farms and fields. He lives on poop with special nutrients in it. His hobbies include playing with his own poop by rolling it around.

Seichu-chi type two: Mizutama (I.E. Polka dot) egg


Kabutochi (lit. "Japanese traditional battle helmet-beetle", Rhinoceros Beetle): Although it resembles the Rhinoceros Beetles of Earth, it can be told apart by the fact that it stands on its two hind legs when active. It is incredibly prideful and vain, and because status is decided in his culture by body size, he spends all of his time body-building and making himself bigger.

The white egg is for the normal Tamagotchi, it will change depending on how you take care of it. The spotted egg will only turn into Kabutochi. I prefer the white egg, since it's more exciting, but it can be annoying getting the same character.

The Morino Tamagotchi doesn't have the traditional constant care when it first hatches, it begins life like the toddler stage.

Making your Imotchi gain weight is top priority! If you don't fatten it up, it'll most likely become a Funkorokatchi!

Now I will begin with the Icons. Pictures are supplied from the Tamagotchi Japanese Website.

[IMG][/IMG]This is the Health Meter. It kind of looks like a scale. It's used to check on your Tamagotchis hunger, happiness, age and weight. (In milligrams)

[IMG][/IMG] This shows the hunger meter. You have to feed it four times to completely fill it in. By feeding various things, it will gain weight, and fill a 'leaf' instead of a heart up.

[IMG][/IMG]This second meter displays your Tamagotchi's mood. The more 'filled' in leaves there are, the happier your Tamagotchi is. To increase it, simply play a game.

[IMG][/IMG] This shows your Morinos Age, and weight in milligrams. Nothing really special, but your Morinos age increases everyday, when it wakes up, and the weight is affected by the food it eats.

[IMG][/IMG] This is only available to Kabutotchi, it shows how big Kabutochi is in length. I haven’t figured out a pattern, but I think the biggest factor that affects it is the food it eats.

The next icon is... food!

[img][/img] By highlighting this icon, you can feed your Morino Tamagotchi. This will fill in one of the hunger leaves in the health meter.

When you first select this icon and press ‘B’ (the middle button) this screen will show up, but there may be different foods depending on your character.


After you select something for your Morino Tamagotchi to eat, the next screen you will see the food and your Morino Tamagotch eating it.

There are varieties of foods; Like:

[IMG][/IMG] Leaves - Fills one hunger leaf, and gains 1 milligram.

[IMG][/IMG] Cherries - Only available in the morning and past the Imotchi stage. Fills one hunger leaf, and gains 2 milligrams.

[IMG][/IMG] Ice Cream - Only available around noon, and past the Imotchi stage. Fills one hunger leaf, and gains 2 milligrams.

[IMG][/IMG] Seeds - Only available in the afternoon, and past the Imotchi stage. Fills one hunger leaf, and gains 2 milligrams.

There are others too, some only for certain characters. These foods below fill both Hunger AND Happiness and only make your Morino gain one milligram! How convenient! Here are some snacks for your Morino below, which will increase Happiness Hearts and Hunger Hearts:

[IMG][/IMG] An acorn, which seems to be only available to Chobitamatchi.

[IMG][/IMG] A mushroom, which seems to be for Gejintchi and Mushibatchi.

[IMG][/IMG] And lastly, poop! Or Dung, which ever you prefer, which is for Funkorotchi, the dung beetle only. I think. :)

There are foods that will only raise Happiness as well.

Like watermelon!


(Mmm, who doesn’t like watermelon?)

[IMG][/IMG] This is the symbol for the game for the Morino Tamagotchi.

The guessing game for the Morino! You have to guess which hat the leaf is under. Just select the one using the A button and press B when you have made your choice. Then it will be revealed, if you have chosen the correct hat. Two hearts can be filled if you win every time in the game. Instead of the traditional 3 out of 5 score, you must simply choose 2 out of 4 correctly to win.


[IMG][/IMG] The toilet is always there to clean up your Morino's mess! The same procedure as any old Tamagotchi..

Occasionally, your Morino will go to the bathroom. It doesn't have a schedule, like the older ones. Just press the middle button when this icon is highlighted when they make a mess.


Note: No, Funkorogatchi will not eat his own poop. I think. Stay tuned. ;)

[IMG][/IMG] This is used to scare away predators that will come and attack your Tamagotchi frequently. But don’t panic, you can save him!

Sometimes, at the start of a specific hour, your Tamagotchi will call, and do a special action to alert you. The box with a question mark should be highlighted. To save your Tamagotchi from being attacked, when you see the box with the question mark, press the middle button and start tapping/shouting. It doesn't attack when it's in the cocoon stage however, or when it is sleeping.

Note: You cannot select this icon, and if you are not successful in saving your Tamagotchi, it may result in death, or it may get in critical condition.

Here are some things that may attack your Tamagotchi:

A Frog!


And a human! Hmm. I think that’s a message to us.




[IMG][/IMG] When your Tamagotchi is in critical condition, use this to cure your Tamagotchi.

When it looks like this, it means that it has been attacked, and requires assistance.


[IMG][/IMG] When you see the "Z" next to your Tamagotchi on the right and the attention sound and icon are lit, select this icon to put the lights out so it can rest for the night.


When it wakes up, the light will automatically go on, so you don’t have to do it.




Note: All Tamagotchis wake up at different times.

[IMG][/IMG]The attention icon cannot be selected, but it will light up. It just tells you if your Tamagotchi needs something. Pay attention to this, because it’s really useful.

What other things are different about this Tamagotchi? It turns into a cocoon and there's a “screen saver” or a “magnifying glass” (quoted from Bandai”)

When your Morino turns into a cocoon, you can only flush the screen, check the status (which turns into a thermometer), or turns lights on or off. Predators will not attack your Tamagotchi.

The whole idea of this part is to keep the temperature in the middle. To get to the Temperature bar, just select the Health Meter Icon. It will remain in this stage for about 24 hours. It's better if you leave it unpaused, because the temperature won't change very often in the day; it'll only change about 4 or 5 times. (Just an estimate)

Here is a picture of the Cocoon and the Temperature bar. Which are provided from

The Cocoon:


The Thermometer:


The overhead view comes on if you have not touched any buttons for about 5 seconds. There is really no point to it, but it can add a nice touch. It gets annoying though. You just see your Morino walk around. When sleeping, in bandages (attacked by predator) or in a cocoon, the dot does not move; but if it’s the character called ‘Minotchi’, it does not move around very much. When its in motion, it's awake. Again, this is provided from, but it doesn’t follow the same pattern, and it isn’t the same speed. Your Morino walks anywhere between the two trees.



Curious about the secret characters available in the Morino Tamagotch? They’re now revealed! If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t click the links. There are two secret characters currently:



(The wording may look funny, but that’s because it was translated directly by Google)

Need help on getting a certain character? I've included weights to get some characters! I am currently missing Koganetchi, and Tenotchi, and also the secret characters. If you know how get them, please PM me!

[Hot on left, Cold on right]

Koganetchi & Tentochi : (still experimenting) 41-49 mg

Chobi-Tamatchi & Minotchi: 33-40 mg

Mushibatchi & Genjinchi : 50-60 mg


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